Why Creativity Matters

12072755_10153669323269520_2789310414204103184_nI admit it–I really don’t like to follow instructions.  It may be a man-thing, or a rebel-thing, but all I know is that I like to have it my way.  (Did I just copy a trademark?)

Creativity is very important to me.  Whether it’s in the classroom or in the kitchen, I enjoy playing the mad scientist ready to exclaim “It’s alive!” at my newest creation.

My most recent creation was an apple crisp dish.  (Sometimes my dishes turn out, and sometimes they really, really don’t.  But this one did turn out well).  I cooked up some apples with ghee butter in a pan, then sprinkled a mixture or blend of walnuts and gluten free oats.  Finally, I slid some maple syrup over the dish and let it simmer for a bit.

The reality is that I have no idea how many cups or tablespoons I used (of anything), and each attempt brings with it a completely different dish.  But I think that’s why I enjoy creativity—each new attempt brings with it something different.

So don’t be afraid of your own creativity—or its outcome.  I bet you have a mad scientist waiting to show itself!


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