Where did the REAL YOU go?

Are you often comparing your present you and the YOU from ten or twenty years ago-Are you often comparing your present you and the YOU ten or twenty years ago?  You may be asking yourself, “Where did that person go?” Were you full of dreams and hope, and too often find yourself wishing you could get back to. . . well. . . being the “real you”?

If you are discouraged about where and who you are, it’s time to think about what you did “back then” that made you happy.  Were you pursuing a talent, working through your education, spending time with friends, or did you know how to set personal boundaries?  Chances are you had less money, less experience, and less knowledge, and yet you were MORE happy.  How does THAT work?

Chances are we told ourselves, “When I graduate, then I will be happy.”  And then we tell ourselves, “When I get a job, then I will be happy.”  And then, “When I buy a house, now that will be something.”  Or “When I get married, then everything will be better.”  We focused on getting, becoming, and growing up.  And we don’t like it.

Take some time to remember what really made you happy and make a list.  Each week, at the very least, do something that is on that list and write in your journal how it has affected you.

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