What Our Potential is Missing

What Our Potential is Missing

There are literally thousands of self-help books, motivational products, and plenty of opportunities for each of us to explore and expand our potential. What most of them are missing is the simple realization that our potential is inseparably linked to helping other people reach theirs. This means that many people go day-to-day, looking to reach or maximize their potential, but the focus is always on themselves. If we are going to reach our full potential, it needs to be expanded in a way that helps others.

What if every church, school, and government program required its participants to “give back” to others who are less fortunate than themselves? Of course, in many arenas, there is that expectation, but it is not required for fear of offending the congregation, learner, or recipient. Without understanding how the simple act of giving can strengthen ME, many people are simply not motivated enough to go the extra mile or pay it forward. In the process, their growth is limited to what they want to achieve for themselves, rather than expanded to others.  We focus a great deal on “self” development and “self” help and “self” improvement, but we seldom talk about how our selves can be strengthened by helping others succeed.

This is my purpose and mission, to help others recognize how their potential can be strengthened by helping others reach theirs. Will you join me?

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