This isn’t what life is all about: Alopecia and learning to live life

b281aae2cc396d2ab19fce1dd44408e6Meet Jane Robinson, an artist and outgoing person.  Jane, who was kind to share her experience and insights with me, experienced complete hair loss in her 50’s.  The brief clip of the interview, below, starts where Jane first learns about her hair loss, and how over time, it becomes complete.  What impressed me most was when Jane said she realized that her challenge wasn’t what life was all about, and where she committed to fully living life.  Shortly after that, as well as making other lifestyle changes, Jane’s hair returned, this time as a white instead of a the reddish-brunette she had before.  “I totally love it,” she said.  But with or without hair, Jane gained a new perspective of life, and of her own life, that we all can learn from.  Due to some technical challenges, I am unable to add the entire audio, but will be sure to share more about the interview in my upcoming book.  Click on the audio below and click on Jame’s picture to learn more about her and her life as an artist!

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