The Making of “I Survived. Now What?”

cover isnwMore than two years ago, I taught a class about family stress and coping. Overall, the students enjoyed the course, but they also wished we would have talked more about personal stress and coping. Now we know how to help the family, they said, but we don’t know how to help ourselves. For that class, students kept journals, and I admit being surprised with how much they had gone through: death of family members, chronic illness, imprisonment and drug use of a family member, and much more. But they had already gone through those things; the key for them was “Now what?”

I wanted my students to see that there was hope and to learn from what others had done to cope with incredible challenges. I started interviewing both survivors of trauma as well as trauma experts, and after each interview, I noticed there were very common themes with how to resolve past trauma and crises.
These common themes are answers to some of the most challenging questions for professionals as well as for those who are struggling with trauma and past crisis.

These questions are:
1. What is the purpose of my loss and pain?
2. How can I help someone who has experienced loss, trauma, or tragedy in their lives?
3. Why do my past challenges affect me so much, and what can I do about them?

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