So What Is This Book About?

22157MinoruNittaFronteditedbyjerry_edited-3Whether you are experiencing the loss of a loved one, the loss of health, a financial loss, or the loss of hope, this book is for you. (Publication: Summer 2015!).

What is unique about this book? This is not your typical book about loss, grieving, or sorrow.  Not only will this book help you better understand your loss experience, it will help you take that experience and let it fuel you until you reach your greatest potential. Included within the pages is a user-friendly and brand new “Potential Framework” to help walk you through the process. My book is based on dozens of interviews with those who have experienced various types of loss and have reclaimed their lives, so you’ll get lots of real-life advice.

Who is this book for? Those who have experienced loss, as well as those who feel “at a loss” in life, will benefit most from this book. The book is designed to help you clarify your purpose and direction in life, and to use your painful event or past in a way that strengthens you while helping others. This book will also serve as a guide for those who are trying to help others cope with loss.

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