She just freezes up: Why car accidents can lead to “loss”

703714_503195736377771_1061043643_oWhat do you think of when you hear the word “loss”? Most of us think of the passing of a loved one, or perhaps the loss of health. But what about having a traumatic childhood, being bullied, or not having the relationship you always wanted? Or how about getting into a car accident?

In a conversation with a college class, one of the students let me know her mom “froze” each time they drove past the location where her mother got into a car accident. Her mom did not have noticeable or physical damage, and apparently everything seemed to get resolved. But whenever her mom drove past that location (after the accident), she would turn off the music in the car and demanded that everyone be quiet until they passed that location.

I don’t know the mother/driver, but I can relate somewhat to this experience. Some car accidents can affect us emotionally more than physically. Getting into an accident can make us lose our trust in other drivers, and we may feel we have lost our own ability to keep ourselves and our passengers safe. Going past the location of the accident can actually bring us back to that initial experience. As a parent, we lose our belief that we can protect our children.  Understanding the “loss” that people experience, no matter what the event may be, is what we need if we are going to help us and help others.

In my new book, “I survived. Now what?”?”, you can develop a sense of purpose and meaning from your own loss, whatever it is, and you will learn how it drives you to experiences that may not be the best for you. You will also gain a much richer understanding and a better ability for talking with others who are going through loss.

Some of the loss experiences, experienced by real people showcased in the book, include: health challenges, loss of a loved one, a traumatic childhood, relationship issues, experiencing bullying, drug use, and many more.

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