Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace

837Trust is arguably absent in our society today.  Trust in government is at an all-time low.  “Boundaries” is a popular topic and theme today for how we create space between us and those we do not trust.  Going through a divorce, chronic illness, or experiencing abuse as a child are all things that too many of us can relate to. and which all impact our ability to trust.

In this economy, “trust” is a very important characteristic to build, both for ourselves and with those we work with.  I recently had the opportunity to read “Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace” by Dr. Dennis Reina and Dr. Michelle Reina (pictured to the left), and strongly recommend it for those who are struggling with “trust” at work.  The book is simple but direct, powerful but never condescending, and provides a step-by-step approach for developing trust in the workplace.  They talk about developing trust for others, but also for yourself, and neither pulls any punches nor is it judgmental in any way.  I particularly appreciated how the book didn’t give any free-floating or abstract “You just need to trust lecture” but rather detailed how it is difficult to form trust, as well as providing the pathway for overcoming those barriers.

Among those I have interviewed for my upcoming book, nearly all of them have had to resolve issues with trust.  Undoubtedly, learning to build trust in your workplace, regardless of your role or rank, will also reduce the level of stress you take home from work.  You can learn more about the Reina’s and their decades of work helping others build trust by clicking HERE, or by clicking the book below.




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