Our Most Basic Needs in Life (After Experiencing Loss)

In my upcoming book, “Discover Your Potential: Creating Inner Strength After Loss,” I outline the five most basic needs we have following a loss experience.  A loss experience might be a loss of a family member, losing a relationship, or losing confidence or hope in a person or idea you have built your trust on. More specifically, it is a feeling that “all is lost” or being “at a loss” for what to do in life after a traumatic event or crisis.

In my interviews with victims and survivors of loss, I discovered there were five basic needs for which we all have.  As we meet one need, we can then increase our chances for meeting the next need while experiencing greater growth, trust, and influence.

Which of the following needs do you feel you need after your loss?

-Are you having a difficult time feeling safe in life, with yourself, or with others?

-Are you frustrated because others do not value your time, words, or influence?

-Are you trying to understand your value or building your self-esteem?

-Are you passionate about helping those around you with your time or talents  (or investing in people)?

-Are you ready to accept the past and move on with your life?

Even though many of us want to address all five of those needs, the main idea is that we find the need that drives us the most, and work on that one.  Of course, these “needs,” including what triggers these needs and how to fulfill the needs, are described in greater detail in my upcoming book!

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