Our Mistakes Do Not Define Us: Train Hopping and the Power of Resilience

1490416_1402009189.0476Life is all about learning from our mistakes.   And sometimes, it’s learning how to move beyond our past.

I had the opportunity of interviewing Anna Beninati, who as a college freshman at Colorado State University, was craving adventure and found it by “train hopping” with some of her friends.   “I knew something terrible was going to happen, but I didn’t want to be left behind,” Anna said.  That feeling turned to reality, as she stumbled, fell, and found her legs being run over by the moving train while all she could do was watch.

Despite the loss and challenge of dealing with that loss, this story is much more about the inspiration and courage to live a fulfilling life.  Anna is that inspiration, showing us all that experiencing tragedy or any challenge doesn’t need to mean limiting ourselves to despair.  Below is a brief audio clip (sorry about the quality of the first few seconds), a small audio montage from an hour-long interview, showing her courage and passion to continue to accomplish incredible things.  A bilateral above-knee amputee, Anna is training in Park City, UT as a Paralympic sit-skier and is also a public/motivational speaker.  If you would like to contribute to Anna’s goals and the equipment she needs to accomplish those goals, please visit http://www.gofundme.com/9yhozk .

“It occurs to me sometimes,” she said. “I lived through this. There’s nothing else I can’t live through.”

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  1. Robert Rinkenberger says:

    I met Anna by chance at the NAC. I have been deeply inspired by what she brings to life. She oozes good energy and is humble. A combination worth paying attention to.

    • Dr Jerry L Cook says:

      Hi Robert. Thanks for your comment, and I definitely agree with your assessment! Anna is one who will go far in life, and fortunately, bring many along with her.

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