Oh, The Places You’ll Go: One Man’s Walk From Arizona to Montana

9781936539116_frontcover.225x225-75Dr. Seuss had it right. In “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!,” the main character is given advice along the way, with motivation to keep going, to keep trying, and to stay positive. Where we are able to go in life, whether in the presence or absence of loss, is determined by how dedicated we are to increasing and living up to our potential.

We don’t have to be a superstar, popular, or rich to reach our potential. We just have to be willing and committed to doing what it takes. This is something Barry Adkins reports knowing all too well.

Just days after his son’s death from alcohol poisoning, Barry decided he was going to honor his son’s life by walking from Arizona to Montana, a 1400 mile journey. Getting sponsors and getting in shape for such a trek is no small feat, but he was committed to his cause, taking along with him the ashes from his son’s body, as both a reminder and companionship in his thoughts and grieving process. Barry also became a motivational speaker, an author of “Kevin’s Last Walk,” and someone who can speak with authority about the dangers of alcohol. What kept Barry going was the knowledge, given to him in a spiritual way from his son Kevin, that “something very good will come from this.” But like Barry, whether something very good will come from our tragedies or even in our day-to-day lives is what we choose to do with our experiences with loss and the time we each have.

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