My Thoughts Are Free: Jewish Prisoners Showing Great Resilience

There are many versions of the song printed below, but each one captures the spirit of the Jewish people, held in concentration camps up to the end of WW II.  If the Jews could mold their thoughts into something much more positive than their circumstances, can’t we do the same?

Thoughts are free, who can guess them?
They fly by like nocturnal shadows.
No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them
with powder and lead: Thoughts are free!

And if I am thrown into the darkest dungeon,
all these are futile works,
because my thoughts tear all gates
and walls apart: Thoughts are free!

So I will renounce my sorrows forever,
and never again will torture myself with whimsies.
In one’s heart, one can always laugh and joke
and think at the same time: Thoughts are free!

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