Leave Robin Williams Alone

indexI admit the death of Robin Williams was something that took me “back.” It really had an impact on me. It made me think of the shows I’ve watched with him in it, and the lines of his that will live in infamy.  His life and words were designed to help us live each moment, minute, and experience to its greatest capacity. For that, I am grateful.

But, to my knowledge, none of us who see this post actually knew Robin Williams. We can mourn his death or the circumstances surrounding his death, but I wonder how many us were as vocally appreciative of him when he was still alive. I know I fall into this trap as well, of not really fully appreciating someone until they are gone—either moving or passing away. I wonder if we are as vocal in sharing our appreciation of those in our lives as those who have reached stardom or for those who have passed away. The time to share our gratitude for those closest in our lives is now. Leave Robin Williams alone, and make sure those who need you most do not feel alone.

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