Learning to trust, learning to forgive


My interview with Jeff Olsen, author of “I knew their hearts.”   If your faith is under fire, if you are learning to trust and forgive, or if you are trying to cope with the loss in your life, I strongly recommend Jeff Olsen’s book.  Below consists of some of the clips from the interview, but you really need to purchase his book to get more of the details.  Please join me on Facebook for more information on how we can all strengthen our potential and be more resilient.   www.facebook.com/drjerrylcook



  1. Lowell Whitley says:

    Thank you for sharing this interview. Jeff has such an important message to share. I have lost a son, and have felt his love and concern for our family and his. By listening to Jeff and others talk about their NDE, it helps stregthen my faith and gives me comfort that even though we might not see loved ones, they are not far away, and are still part of our lives.

  2. Dr Jerry L Cook says:

    Hello Lowell,

    Thank you for your comments. I agree, Jeff’s interview had a huge impact on me and I appreciate him sharing it with others!

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