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Hi everyone!  When I first started writing my book about loss and potential, I never imagined it would be where it is today.  But I admit it, I’m stuck.  I’ve got one serious case of Writer’s Block.  Can you help me?

If you’re new to my posts, first a little background: I am writing a book on how we can turn our greatest challenges into one of our greatest strengths.  Rather than a typical self-help book trying to tell you what I think you should be doing, I am interviewing as many people as I can, those who have experienced significant challenges and those who can provide their insight and inspiration for the rest of us.  Having said that, below are some of the topics I have researched extensively, and now I am trying to think of other topics you guys would like to hear about.  What topics would be helpful to you, or what topics would help you help those you care about?  Thoughts?  Much appreciated!

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  1. When do I cross the lines between selfishness and just taking care of myself as I should to heal?

    How do I forgive myself? Get rid of guilt…

    Recently I’ve been learning internal family systems. It has really been a breakthrough for me.

    Keep writing!!

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