How Tragedy Leads to Compassion and Action

lisaI had listened to Lisa Ford-Berry several times before as she shared her story of her son, Michael, who had been bullied and ended up committing suicide.  Although the story breaks my heart, it is also a powerful reminder and comfort in knowing that our tragedies can make us more compassionate and drive us to helping others.   Matter of fact, Lisa’s story was one of the first that inspired me to write my upcoming book.  Below is a brief montage of my interview with Lisa.

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Some of the highlights or clips from the interview Lisa was kind to share with me is provided below.


  1. Dear Jerry,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and friendship. I will always be grateful for the hand you extended to me back in the beginning of our journey as well as allowing me to fine tune my public speaking by sharing with your classes.

    I cant wait to read your book!


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