How Often Do You Have Positive Experiences, and How Important Are They (Really) To Your Emotional Well-Being?

imagesDo you have major, positive life experiences at least once per week? Recently I read about an incredibly interesting study where individuals reported, several times each day over a period of five days, what events they experienced and how they felt about those experiences. The first result from the study’s authors was hardly surprising: The more frequent the positive life experiences, the better that person’s emotional well-being and decreased risk for mental illness. The second result was much more profound, those who had experienced childhood neglect or trauma were incredibly sensitive to this pattern, meaning that those from difficult childhood backgrounds who didn’t have frequent positive life experiences were exponentially more prone to mental problems. But the flip side was also true: Individuals who experienced a difficult childhood and still had frequent and very positive experiences at least weekly were more likely (than those who did not have a difficult childhood) to experience the greatest levels of happiness.

In my own research, I am finding that those who are looking to build their potential are those who are most likely to find joy in every day, common experiences.  Will you join me in my journey to help each person develop their potential?

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