How do you cope with loss?

In my newest book, I showcase dozens of interviews I held with those who have experienced loss. Despite the challenges of the trauma or crises they endured, these individuals and their families learned how to transform their challenges into something incredible. And so can you.
Loss not only affects us individually, but it also impacts our work and our most important relationships in life. Understanding our own loss, as well as how it can serve a more positive use in our lives, are essential to our well-being as well as to those who depend upon us.
As you move through the pages of this book, you will learn how to shift your focus to the common needs that follow tragedy, trials, and serious challenges. More importantly, you will learn how to meet those needs.
If you feel you are ready to confront your loss, or you need to understand the loss experience of someone you care about, please read my book. It will help you learn how to talk about your loss, it will help you understand the effect and potential strength of your loss, and it will help you create new meaning from that loss.
Compared to most of the books “out there” on grief or loss, this book covers dozens of topics, including (but not limited to): divorce, eating disorders, kidnapping, loss of innocence in childhood, bullying of one’s child, coping with an abusive parent, loss of health and abilities, disabilities, loss of trust, loss of hope/faith, dealing with accidents, coping with perfectionism, and more.

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