Going to my first Introvert Driver Anonymous meeting

(The following events are mostly fictional).

“Hello everyone”. I begin to announce myself, and graciously, I’m sitting down rather than standing in the middle of a circle of eye gazers.

A few say “hello” back, yet softly, and look at me with great sympathy.

“My name is Jerry, and I am an introvert driver.”

The response is 100% positive and welcoming, but not too overwhelming. No one claps or high-fives me. One group member whispers, “Good job. It gets easier with time.” Another member nods at me and winks. A third gives me a huge two-thumbs up while grinning ear to ear. The rest of the group alternates between a half smile and doing their best to not look me in the eye.

My confidence grows and so I decide to share my darkest secrets about being an introvert driver.

“The Three-Second Rule isn’t enough,” I begin. “I need more space. Today I was being tailgated by a driver in a Toyota Prius and I was going crazy. I mean, she was sooooo close and it was a Prius. And then I started wondering, what does it really MEAN to be tailgated by a Prius? I was hurt, angry, and trying to be empathetic to her—all at the same time.”

They all looked at me, and one replied, “We hear you and want you to know you can get through this.”

No judgment. No shame. Perhaps going to the Introvert Driver Anonymous meeting was a good idea after all. #introverts #thepowerofquiet





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