Did You Watch the Blind Side (movie)?


indexOne of my favorite examples showcasing great potential is Michael Oher, a professional football player made even more famous by the movie portraying his rise to fame, “The Blind Side.” Michael lived part of his childhood life in homelessness and foster homes. His mother was addicted to drugs and his father wasn’t around. In his book, “I Beat the Odds,”Michael explains how the very thing that others saw as a problem became his greatest asset.

In the opinion of many experts and social workers, Michael (as a child) was too quiet, too shy, and they lamented about why he didn’t open up more to others. But what others called “shy” was actually an enhanced ability to “observe,” a trait he likely developed as a way to survive. In his teens, he realized that his powerful ability to observe, or observing other athletes, was his ticket to a better life.

Using what others saw as a crutch became the mechanism for reaching his potential, and it is largely the reason why he is where he is today.

While there’s no mistaking the fact that many opportunities came his way because of those who help him along the way, the reality is that a hidden talent of “observation,” although others saw it as a personality defect, was one of his greatest assets.

Is there a limitation or challenge in your life  you can make into your strength?


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