The Making of “I Survived. Now What?”

More than two years ago, I taught a class about family stress and coping. Overall, the students enjoyed the course, but they also wished we would have talked more about personal stress and coping. Now we know how to help the family, they said, but we don’t know how to help ourselves. For that class, […]

How do you cope with loss?

In my newest book, I showcase dozens of interviews I held with those who have experienced loss. Despite the challenges of the trauma or crises they endured, these individuals and their families learned how to transform their challenges into something incredible. And so can you. Loss not only affects us individually, but it also impacts […]

A betrayal of trust

Experience “loss” of any kind is difficult and usually very painful. Fortunately, relationships help comfort, guide, and encourage us during moments of loss. But what happens when loss occurs within the relationship via a betrayal of trust? There is a difference between trust in relationships being tested and that same trust being betrayed. Each time […]