Be there. Don’t just SAY you’ll be there.

If there is one thing I have learned from tragedy, it is that I need to learn to trust again.  I need to trust others.  I need to trust myself.  And I need to trust God again.

But all of these things are easier said than done.  It’s difficult to trust again.  Loss and tragedy are so difficult, not only because of the event or initial experience, but because of what they often lead to.  It takes an entire childhood, or perhaps even a lifetime, and one event, heartache, or hardship can rip that all way in a second.

For those who have experienced several tragedies, learning to trust again is one of the hardest things to do because they are afraid they will get hurt again.  Why trust when it will just lead to more pain?

From my research and personal experience, I have learned that what people need the most—following loss and tragedy—is trust.  To be there—and not just say you’ll be there–are trust builders.  When we say we’ll be there—but aren’t—that is a trust thief.  Which are you?







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