At Some Point, You Need to Accept Your Weaknesses

There was a man who was told there was a hole in his yard.  He looked all over and finally found the hole, and took the dirt from another part of the yard to fill that hole.  Then another person told him of yet another hole, and so he repeated the process, over and over, until he realized there were more holes in his yard than what he started with.  —from my book, “Grow Your Marriage by Leaps & Boundaries”


Have you been running from one weakness to the next in your life?  It’s great to want to fix those weaknesses, but there’s got to be a point when you say, “I accept myself for who I am right now.”  Are you at that point now?



  1. I used to have time to look at holes in other people’s yards but I realized that some of those same holes existed in my yard. So my focused turned inward and I found that working on me is a full-time job. Life is less complicated and causes less stress if we sweep around our own back door.

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