Anchor Your Thoughts to Happy Memories

It’s not easy staying happy when otherimagess around you are angry, discouraged, or sad.  It’s true that we tend to “feed off” each others’ emotions, and that feelings are very much contagious.

But the most powerful factor for how we feel is what we CHOOSE to think about.

I recently read about an experiment conducted on German college students.  In the experiment, the students were asked to think of past experiences that elicited a particular memory.  For example, one time students were instructed to recall an experience that made them happy, and later to think of a memory filled with sadness or anxiety.  After each memory recall, the students performed a variety of sports-related tasks, such as jumping straight into the air, throwing a ball as fast as they could, and strength-based exercises.  In each of the exercises, when students were remembering a happy event or memory, they outperformed their scores when they were remembering a sad or anxious event.

This means that happiness not only strengthens us, but that when we choose to anchor our thoughts to happy memories we can increase our energy, performance, and meaningful experiences.  So, what happy memories are you going to focus on today?

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