A personal reflection of the Potential Framework

Some of you know that I had planned on publishing my book before this point in time.  Of course, several things can delay the publication of any book, including changes in the book cover, editors procrastinating, or for many other (some good and some not so good reasons).

But what really held up the publication timeline was a diagnosis.  I was told I had cancer and decided to publish the book when I would have more time and energy to share it with others.Receiving a cancer diagnosis is one of the most frightening things you can ever hear, and that was definitely true for me as well.  Radiation treatment, doctor visits, major hair loss, mixed emotions, and fear of the future have been a frequent part of my life.  I often went back into the draft version of my book and asked myself, “Do I believe what I wrote?  Do the things I found that worked for others actually work for me?”Whether you end up buying a book or not, I can confidently say that my book helped me tremendously.  It gave me hope.  It gave me purpose.  And it gave me a sense of humor.That may seem a bit self-serving.  But the reality is the book is a reflection of the experiences that so many others went through, and it is THEIR experiences and advice that really helped me through this difficult time.  Because of this, I want to thank everyone of YOU who made the book possible.  Perhaps it will sell a million copies, or perhaps it will sell just a few.  Either way, your words have helped me and I deeply appreciate it.

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